Why 3RSC?

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Our Staff

The Soccer Club for Soccer People, Ran by Soccer People.

We are very proud of the staff we have assembled at 3RSC.  For more info on individual staff members, see our “Staff” page under our “About Us” pulldown tab.

  • Playing experience – Our staff is the only in the area with former high level players who have played at the next level, including former College (from all levels – NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA, Junior College) and Professional players. 
  • Coaching Experience – Our staff is the only in the area with college and semi-professional coaching experience, including current High School and College coaches.  All local High School and College coaches with children who currently play youth soccer have their own sons and daughters in 3RSC.
  • Coaching licenses/education – To play in the top leagues, our coaches for A teams at U13 and older must have the appropriate coaching licenses.  We have the highest licensed coaching staff in Southeastern Washington State.
  • Our Directors have been working with Professional and College coaches for decades and have a great relationship with them, resulting in more opportunities for our players to play at the next level at a program that fits their needs academically and athletically. 

Variety of Competitive Leagues

Play against the biggest clubs in Washington State!

3RSC qualifies to compete in multiple leagues and postseason opportunities, including some that no other club in our area can participate in.  To maintain our status as good standing members of these leagues, our Club’s Directors and Coaching Staff must meet certain criteria, and our teams must maintain a standard of quality of play and competitiveness.  Our Club also must meet certain infrastructure needs in terms of office, staff, and availability to resolve potential issues with other clubs in these leagues in a timely manner. This means 3RSC must maintain a professional, paid staff whose job is to oversee overall direction of the club and maintain continuous working relationships with Directors, Administrative Staff, League Commissioners, and Club Directors from multiple entities, including Washington Youth Soccer, Washington Premier League, US Youth Soccer, Elite Club National League, and US Club Soccer.

Regional Club League (RCL) – The Regional Club League is comprised of the 18 largest clubs in Washington State, including Crossfire Premier, Washington Premier, Seattle United, Pac NW Soccer Club, etc.  The majority of college and professional players from Washington State come from these 18 clubs.  Professional alumni of the RCL include Jordan Morris (Eastside FC), DeAndre Yedlin (Crossfire), Kelyn Rowe (Crossfire), Jackson Regan (Seattle United), Morgan Weaver (Washington Premier FC), Summer Yates (Pac NW), Olivia Van Der Jagt (Eastside FC), and countless more collegiate players.  Each Club in the RCL represents an area of the state (region) and is responsible for developing the top talent from within that region.

3RSC is the only club in our area that qualifies to participate in the RCL and WYS State Championship Cup and WYS State President Cup, which are the first step in the US Youth Soccer’s National Championship Series.  3RSC is one of three clubs in Eastern Washington that qualify for these competitions.  Our ‘A’ teams typically start playing in the RCL at U13, and occasionally in a very strong age group, our ‘B’ teams may also play in the RCL if they can’t find suitable competition within Eastern Washington at the WPL level.

Elite Club National League (ECNL) – In 2021, our Boys U15 -U19 were invited to participate in the ECNL Regional League, a localized ECNL league that represents the top 10 boys clubs from the Pacific Northwest.  The ECNL is a league that 115 of the top clubs in the country participate in.  In 2023, the age groups were expanded to U13-U19.  For U13-U17 this is an additional league for our A teams, who also participate in the RCL.  For U19, ECNL-RL replaces the RCL and the team only participates in one league.  ECNL-RL also offers a postseason Regional and National Tournament structure for winners of their Divisions.

3RSC is the only club in our area that qualifies to participate in ECNL league and postseason, one of two such clubs in Eastern Washington.

Washington Premier League (WPL) – Our U9 through U12 teams all play in the Washington Premier League Eastern Washington Division.  At U13 through U19 our developmental teams also continue in this regionalized league.  This league provides great development and affordable travel options against other Central and Eastern Washington Clubs.  No overnight stays are required for league games at this level, and the majority of games are on Saturday, although some Sunday games are also played.  

Recreational Soccer for the beginners!

Our Recreational program has grown to be the largest in the area for good reason!

Our Recreational program offers the beginning player a chance to learn the game in a healthy, fun environment and allows them to fall in love with the game!

We currently offer two locations (West Richland and Kennewick) and six age groups (U5-U10) for our Recreational Program over two seasons (fall and spring). Teams are formed by birth year per United States Youth Soccer guidelines, and play boys vs. boys and girls vs girls at every age group (no co-ed).

Our volunteer coaches deliver a club assigned curriculum with coordination by our Recreational Director, and also offers a unique environment where age groups practice and scrimmage with each other during the week so they can get to know the kids, families, and fellow coaches that they will be playing with as they progress through the club to older age groups should they choose to continue to play soccer at the competitive level when they’re older.


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