Club Expectations

Highest competitive level

Three Rivers Soccer Club has expectations for both players and parents to follow. Our Cod of Conduct can be found here and should be reviewed by everyone who registers.

Parent & Player Expectations


  • Assist in making sure your player is in attendance at practices and games. Coaches cannot develop players or teams if your child is not at training. Depending on the age of your player and the time of year, there will be two or three trainings a week required by your coach.
  • Arrive on time. Teams have an allotted time frame for field use. If a player is late, it is highly disruptive to training and coaches practice plans, and cuts into player’s development.
  • Be a supporter of the game – respect all rules of the game. DO NOT YELL AT REFEREES. Parents who are not respectful of the referees and opposing coaches/clubs will be asked to leave the field of play.
  • Be supportive of players and coaches. If there is an issue with coaching follow the proper chain of communication
    1. Speak directly with your coach THE DAY AFTER THE GAME.
      • If issue is not resolved, 3RSC has a mediation chair person who can be contacted at any time. All contact information for mediation chair is located on the club’s website. Any discussions with mediation chair will be kept confidential if requested.
    2. If issue is still not resolved, contact Coaching Director for your age group and gender
    3. If issue is still not resolved, contact the Technical Director at
    4. If issue is still not resolved, contact Club President at
  • All coaches are expected to make an attempt at playing all players on the roster a significant amount of time each game. THIS DOES NOT MEAN ALL PLAYERS WILL PLAY AN EQUAL AMOUNT. There may be extenuating circumstances (e.g., State Cup play, players missing practice, etc.) that may be included in a coach’s decision on playing time. If playing time is an issue, contact the coach initially.
  • Plan for League play, State Cup play, and summer tournaments. State Cup is a mandatory state tournament for all Premier (RCL) teams, and is highly recommended for all District teams. Summer schedules for tournament play will be released well ahead of time, so families can plan accordingly. These tournaments are highly important in the growth and development of your child and the team. League Play and State Cup play are also a mandatory part of the season. All older age Premier (RCL) teams (U15-18) will be asked to participate in College Showcase Events that will provide opportunities for them to be exposed to collegiate coaches. College Showcases will be selected for each team by Coaching Directors.
  • Cost will consist of club fees for Premier (RCL), District (PSPL) teams, and Youth Program teams. This fee includes cost of field rentals, Coaching Director’s and Pro-Staff fees, referees, administration fees, and registration fees.
  • Tournament fees are a required additional cost. Fees will vary according to the number of tournaments your team attends.
  • Coaching fees are required for those coaches that meet club requirements on Premier (RCL) teams. Coaching fee costs are adjusted according to experience and licensing of the teams coach. The club has a breakdown of this pay structure on the club’s website. District teams will not be charged coaching fees unless approved by teams.
  • Equipment and uniform fees are also required. All players are expected to purchase and wear the club uniform and warm ups. Uniforms are on a two year cycle before being replaced.
  • All 3RSC teams will be named 3RSC (age group and coach’s last name). There will not be any independent names for teams.
  • The club has a development plan for your player that is put together by our Technical and Coaching Directors. This detailed plan includes academies, tournaments, trainings, and competitions that are scheduled ahead of time. If you have an issue with the development plan please contact the Technical Director.


  • All 3RSC soccer teams require time and commitment. All Premier (RCL) teams will train at least twice a week and players are expected to attend trainings and be punctual. Being a competitive soccer player requires commitment to training, travel, and competitions.
  • Wear appropriate equipment and uniforms to trainings, games, and team travel.
  • Dedicate yourself to the team and to the club. The club will be diligent in working with you and being supportive of other events and activities if you do the same in return. Realize competitive soccer players spend 10 months a year playing or training to some extent. District (PSPL) teams will have less of a requirement but still require a dedication and commitment to the sport.
  • Premier (RCL) and District (PSPL) teams play on weekends, and travel is often required. Statewide travel for Premier teams and regional for District teams.
  • You are expected as a player to commit to improving and training on your own as well as in group trainings.

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